Mushroom-filled Sunday

I went mushroom picking with my friends today, so now I’ve got a heap of funnel chanterelles to cook some foodporn with :) Some are drying in the oven (probably overnight at 40º C with the door open), some went to freezer after frying/roasting out the water (on a hot pan without any oil/butter nor seasoning) and some I left for tomorrow’s foodporn. I’ll be making a supereasy wild mushroom risotto for dinner tomorrow!

Supermega thanks to Ester and Tõnis for taking us mushroom hunting and Madis and Helene for fun mushroom hunting company!


About Pello

Blogging #foodporn #menfashion #powly adventures! Creative strategist, art director, multidesigner and a huge foodie.


  1. järgmine kord tuleks ka… samal hommikul just mõtlesin, et peaks kindlasti minema

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